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Eye Floaters in Your Vision

Eye floaters are those small spots that literally float around in your field of vision and sometimes they are paired with flashes of light. Overall, eye floaters are not serious but in rare cases they can be the symptom of a more underlying health condition, so it is important to understand what they are and what can cause them in order to know when to seek medical advice. Eye floaters can come about as a result of tiny pieces of debris that make their way into the […]

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Understanding Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are an unusual phenomena. People might say they see organic looking shapes in their field of vision but, they are not really there. Eye floaters therefore can annoy people and while it can be bothersome, it’s not really a medical emergency. Many people have eye floaters and in fact, about half the people over 50 years of age have reported seeing these floaters. People over 70 are even more affected. So, what are eye floaters then? If they aren’t really there, what is causing us […]

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Eye Floaters Description

It is estimated that around seventy percent of people will experience eye floaters at some point in their life. The main cause of such floaters is thought to be due to liquefactions in the vitreus jelly. Age also bring on the development of eye floaters given that collagen fibres present in the vitreus humor thicken as we get old this causing fragments to appear. Other causes of floaters consist of detachment of the retina, inflammation of the vitreus humor and the presence of red blood cells. Eye […]

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