Eye Floater Remedies

Are you suffering from eye floaters? Maybe you aren’t suffering but are quite annoyed by the fact you can see floating objects in your field of vision. Eye floaters tend to affect millions of people so you’re not alone. They are generally more visible in brightly lit conditions and for some people, can make basic tasks like driving that much more of a challenge. People who say they experience eye floaters describe them as dots, cobwebs, organic, semi-transparent, from a few to dozens.

Many folks will simply ignore the fact they have eye floaters. Or, they’ll just accept it and not think much about it unless they become a real issue with their vision. But, when it comes to eye floaters, I’m sure the vast majority of folks would like to know if there are any remedies. If that’s you, please read on.

So, what are the options to get rid of floaters then? There really are only a few choices such as:

1) Ignore them – Since most cases of eye floaters are not considered a medical emergency, doctors most likely will tell you to simply tolerate the annoyance. Our eyes are quite clever and eventually the brain does tend to ignore the presence of eye floaters so they can “disappear” so to speak simply by choosing not to pay them much attention.

2) Surgery – The 2 types of surgery here would be either a virectomy or laser surgery. Through laser surgery, you can “burn” each floater with an opthalmic laser but, this is a very specialized routine and it may be difficult to find a qualified specialist to perform this procedure.

3) Improving Your Health – The more natural way to remedy your eye floaters may involve simply taking better care of your health. By eating foods rich in Vitamin C among other herbs and vitamins may have a positiive impact on your eye floater condition. Taking in more anti-oxidants such as Lutein can also help repair the eyes.

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