Eye Floaters Description

It is estimated that around seventy percent of people will experience eye floaters at some point in their life. The main cause of such floaters is thought to be due to liquefactions in the vitreus jelly. Age also bring on the development of eye floaters given that collagen fibres present in the vitreus humor thicken as we get old this causing fragments to appear. Other causes of floaters consist of detachment of the retina, inflammation of the vitreus humor and the presence of red blood cells.

Eye floaters can be diagnosed by a qualified optician through examination of the eyes. If any other underlying health condition id detected further treatments can be considered, so it is a good idea to seek medical advice the moment you think you may have eye floaters. Any serious illnesses can be detected and treated if caught early.

In many cases eye floaters can be treated with anti inflammatory medications such as antibiotic drops but in more severe cases, where vision is impaired, laser surgery is often the only option. Laser treatment is very effective but as with any surgery it does carry risks and in the cases of eye floaters, if any goes wrong the eye can become damaged.

More holistic approaches to treat eye floaters are also renowned for their effectiveness. Changes in diet by eliminating those foods which cause imbalances in the body and replacing them with fruits and vegetables can have amazing results when it comes to treating eye floaters. By consuming more vitamin C and drinking more water the overall well being of the individual is improved.

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