What Exactly Are Eye Floaters

Eye floaters, also known as vitreous floaters, are vitreous opacities that usually arise from varied causes. While some suggest floaters are a result of more serious eye complications, the majority of cases are simply harmless. This article will provide general information about the harmless variety of eye floaters.

Eye floaters are created from within our own visual architecture. However, they can sometimes be difficult to identify from a medical point of view. For example, a doctor may have a hard time detecting them therefore, treatments (including surgical) are generally applied at the patient’s request as opposed to the doctor’s determination.

The severity of eye floaters among individuals is going to vary, as you’d expect. Some people don’t really notice their eye floaters unless they are consciously trying to locate them while others may suffer from the annoyance of eye floaters every single day.

If you are affected by eye floaters and are seriously concerned, feel free to pay your doctor a visit as it may help calm your nerves. Many people find them annoying, especially when trying to look at it and it seems to “run” away making it almost impossible to “see” them.

Eye floaters can affect people of all ages, race, ethnicity, etc. and are relatively common. While the majority of folks will find eye floaters annoying, they aren’t really considered a serious medical condition. But again, if you’re really worried, it doesn’t hurt to visit your doctor. While the majority of eye floaters are considered harmless, they can sometimes indicate more serious underlying issues.

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